Young artist to be commissioned by ICORP to draw wildlife for auction.

Young artist to be commissioned by ICORP to draw wildlife for auction.

ICORP has a full circle approach, Rangers, community, and Wildlife. Over the last two years, while ICORP has conducted Counter Poaching operations close to Massingir, in Mozambique, the Rengani and Vitoria communities have benefited directly from our Community skills and development projects.

ICORP has expanded its operations and has teams on two Reserves in the Mopani Region of the Limpopo Province, South Africa. As part of our mission and vision, and to honour our Social responsibility towards the young folks in SA, we have identified two young South Africans who have already made remarkable contributions to conservation.

This highly talented and shy artist, from Natal, surprised our organization by the guts and determination that he has displayed. Ricollin Moodley an 18-year-old, coming from a background of poverty and a very hard life, has stepped up to the plate. He has had no formal training as an artist but through sheer determination and a talent that was only discovered when he made a sketch of a tourists baby, to earn R100 for food. With his art, he is able to pay for his brother to get to school, pay for his sibling’s schooling and put food on the table.

This has earned him our deep respect. We will be commissioning him to draw some great wildlife on canvass, that we will auction off for the benefit to our Ranger team. In this process Ricollin will earn an International reputation and become recognized as the wildlife artist he is worthy of, and benefit financially to expand on his artist business.

Local communities are held at ransom by poaching gangs ICORP intervenes and through skills development, these poaching economies are changed with sustainable ones empowering women and children.

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