International ICORP Team

EAM based globally assisting on our board. As we are registered a 501© 3 tax-deductible, not for profit in the USA, also in Australia and South Africa. Our systems have to be managed accurately, with transparency and with each in the countries laws. The administration, financial and accounting processes, marketing, events are seen to by this awesome team.

My Name is Mario Buzzanca (aka Rhino Buzz). I live in Melbourne Australia. I am ICORPs Australian Chapter Leader and Volunteer Co-ordinator. I have completed several duty tours on the ground in Mozambique and South Africa with ICORPs Counter-Poaching unit.

I am keen to see more Australian folks get aboard and support my journey forward.

My name is Zdenek ‘ZULU’ Syrovy I am a former legionnaire (airborne sniper), completed several successful missions and was awarded the Medal of the Military Value Cross with a Bronze Star and also the Medal of the Battle Cross. For more than 15 years I have been working as a security consultant as a bodyguard of various personalities and V.I.P.s.

I have participated in the fight against piracy in the Indian Ocean and the training of private troops, several missions from the equator to South Africa. I took a Field Ranger Instructor Mentor course and since 2012 I have been actively participating in the APU / CPU. I am an African, not because I was born in Africa but because Africa is born in me.

Gary du Plooy

My name is Gary du Plooy, living in the UK, I am a freelance web/graphic designer. I created and maintain ICORP’s website as well as all of their social media .

Gary developed our branding, logo and initial marketing menu for our fresh, fast and healthy
food concept, Delicious. His brief was to create a brand identity that looked fresh and homely,
not ‘fuddy-duddy’. Our identity had to shout ‘fresh, fast and healthy’. A bit of a tough one but
his interpretation was bang on the money. If you want personal attention to detail and loads of
talent with a touch of crazy, he’s your guy!

Hi, my name is Benjamin Raddatz, an Army veteran and conservationist, working to establishing a professional armed capability and sanctuary to protect flora and fauna in Southern Africa. Currently residing in Queensland Australia and growing a support base for ICORP, while returning to Africa periodically to support operations.

I believe that we should give the same security and defensive capability to endangered wildlife, as we give ourselves. And take a practical approach to conservation.

Benjamin Raddatz

Dear wildlife defenders, my name is Rubén Rodríguez, I live in the Spain/Colombia, an enthusiastic prevent and detect hazards for animals and wildlife, with 15 years of military background combined with more than 22 years in the Security Industry (Close Protection Operative, MARSEC and PMC) as an operator, TL and Chief Instructor (about 20 countries). Volunteer, Active member and ICORP Medic Instructor roles.

My name is Massimo Coloru born in 1974, I am an Italian spokesperson and ICORP representative in Italy.  I have cooperated with ICORP since December 2016 having been deployed in Mozambique for several months.  I have worked in Italy in the private security sector for several years, I deal with training in the field of survival, military combat, and I am a self-defence instructor. 

I love animals and I hate those who mistreat or kill them, I joined ICORP because I believe I can be useful for this cause by making myself and my skills available, in ICORP I found a family.

My name is Marco Dâmaso. I am an active-duty officer in the Swiss Armed Forces for more than 30 years. I worked with the Infantry and Special Forces. More than 10 years I was responsible for Training and Research & Development with our Special Forces Command.

In 2018, I have joined ICORP and spent one month in Mozambique in 2018 training their APU. In 2019, I was training ICORP APU in South Africa.

Hello followers of ICORP. My name is Chantelle and I have been volunteering for the International Coalition Of Rhino Protection for 2 years. I am based in Australia in a place called Melbourne- Victoria. I have embarked on a wonderful journey with ICORP, with my role as a community development coordinator and volunteer leader and Vice Chapter leader of Australia.

I have gained my experience in Africa as a volunteer in Conservation and working with captive animals, I have 9-year experience working with Domestic animals mainly focusing on canine behaviour and 6 years of Volunteer experience with African wildlife. It’s a great pleasure and honour to be a part of this organisation and movement in helping continue to protect Africa’s iconic species from extinction.

My name is Darren “Tankie” Mallalieu, I live in the UK and served across different arms of the British Military for over 25 years as a weapons specialist, including operational tours and was awarded the Queen’s Commendation For Bravery. Spent my childhood in Africa and still have family spread across Africa, so Africa is ingrained in my blood, the protection and conservation of our wildlife are passionate to me.

I have worked in APU/CPU since 2014 operating in Malawi/Namibia and South Africa including time with Icorp.

My mission is simple to save and protect wildlife.