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Australian Chapter Leader/Volunteer Coordinator

My name is Mario Buzzanca (aka Rhino Buzz). I live in Melbourne Australia and I am the ICORP Australian Chapter leader and the organization’s volunteer coordinator. For 20 years, I have been an Armed Security Officer for a company called Armagard. I’ve also served in the Australian Defence Forces. Ever since I was a little boy, I have loved and adored animals, saving pocket money to buy animal figurines and drawing animals for my personal scrapbook. I am in awe of Africa, its bush, the fauna, the animals, the scent of the open spaces and the people and communities who share the land. I am very passionate about helping endangered wildlife in Africa. I have joined ICORP as a volunteer to assist in Counter-Pouching and community work because this is such an important aspect of saving the majestic, beautiful animals that roam the African bush. I often wonder what Africa would be without its wildlife it just would not be the same. Never should we look back and say ” I Should have helped them when I had the chance.” Because it will be too late…