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Our Volunteer Co-ordinators and Chapter Leaders

Wave upon wave of armed and dangerous poaching gangs are killing rhinos to smuggle their horns to Vietnam, and the elephant deaths from poachers are increasing dramatically, to get ivory to areas. ICORP’s CPU stands in the gap and these are some of the heroes who help stop this.

My Name is Mario Buzzanca (aka Rhino Buzz). I live in Melbourne Australia..I am ICORPs Australian Chapter Leader and Volunteer Co-ordinator. I have completed duty tours on the ground in Mozambique and South Africa with ICORPs Counter-Poaching unit.

David McDonald is the CFO and US projects person for ICORP based in Charleston in the USA. David is committed to the cause to see Rhino and Elephant being preserved through a high standard of Conservation and management. David with the partnership of sponsorship manage all funds so ICORP can offer high-level training and funding to all its projects in the ground in Africa.

Saskia J Taylor is our South African Chapter Leader/ Volunteer orientation – South Africa. Logistics Training and orientation. Networking Sourcing new opportunities. Base support. Media and photography. 10years experience in African bushveld.
My name is Lukas, every living being on this planet contributes to the balance of our ecosystem, but increasingly, this balance is under threat. Over 7,000 rhinos have been killed in South Africa alone in the last decade. As a founder of Project-steps, I was honoured with the position of the Senior US Chapter leader. With this role, I am in constant communication with our team on the ground in South Africa. I am the storyteller of the victories and tragedies of ICORP and to share knowledge with the people who are seeking how to help.

Sherrie Malcolm from Dallas Texas. Has been with ICORP since 2016 and is our Chapter Leader in the USA. Currently out of South Africa, Mozambique and currently residing in South Western Australia. I hosted Marc through fundraising events for 2 months in September, October 2017. Currently heading up projects and PR for ICORP.

My goals are to continue on a more supportive role, in Fundraising thru my connections within the US and South Africa. My Goal to save Rhino. I have worked and met with many people on the ground in South Africa. Rhino owners who opened their doors and hearts to me about the ongoing situation within South Africa. I look towards a future with Marc McDonald, and our daily work with the people of South Africa, and our CPU on the ground. To spread awareness and support to South Africa, in the protection of their Heritage.

Hello followers of ICORP. My name is Chantelle and I have been volunteering for the International coalition of rhino protection for 2 years. I am based in Australia in a place called Melbourne- Victoria. I have embarked on a wonderful journey with ICORP, with my role as a community development coordinator and volunteer leader and Vice Chapter leader of Australia. I have gained my experience in Africa as a volunteer in Conservation and working with the captive animal, I have 9-year experience working with Domestic animals mainly focusing on canine behaviour and 6 years of Volunteer experience with African wildlife. It’s a great pleasure and honour to be a part of this organisation and movement in helping continue to protect Africa’s iconic species from extinction.