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Who We Are

Who We Are 2018-01-08T00:42:10+00:00

INTERNATIONAL COALITION OF RHINO PROTECTION is a charity organization registered in Australia.

ICORP was founded, to ‘stand in the gap’ for the conservation and protection of key flagship species in Southern Africa. We are a dedicated group of individuals who want to bring about a change within unprotected reserves in Southern Africa. Often wildlife in these reserves is a soft target for poachers. Our goal is to employ, train and equip rangers to stop the slaughter. There is no time to wait…poachers are currently killing rhinos in their thousands, so much so that in as little as 15 years there could be none of these animals left…

We are setting up a platform for volunteers from all around the world, from all walks of life, to get actively involved in the fight against wildlife poaching.

• We have volunteers who are actively involved in APU work on the frontlines and help with arrests, patrols, communications intel and ranger training.
• We have volunteers that are involved in PR, spreading the word and raising awareness and funds.
• We have volunteers who are dedicated to growing and supporting our ranger communities.

There is much to do and a place for everyone to make a difference.

We invite you to JOIN THE TRIBE, and raise your hand to help ICORP make a difference.