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We’re at war…a war to save animals.

We’re at war…a war to save animals.

These first few months of the new year have been extremely busy, and with fantastic outcomes and achievements for the rhino.

The operations in Namibia have developed very well, with various initiatives becoming a reality.

When our first veterans arrived in Mozambique in August last year, we were battling with an overwhelming onslaught of armed groups of poachers, and since then, the pressure has been lifted a little.  Resulting in an almost 60% drop of insurgents coming into the reserves we are protecting.

We would like to welcome all these amazing people who have put their hands up to help ICORP.  All relevant information  regarding any programs and development can be obtained from our Operations Manager.

We are in the process of putting together our own Rhino Adoption programme in Namibia.  This will ensure that we are able to provide a secure and sustainable environment for our cows that have birthed and those who are about to birth.  As this is an expensive process, the adoption programme will fund veterinary fees, husbandry costs, feed and APU security.  The person responsible for putting this programme together is Suzie Thomas in Australia.

In August 2017 we will have another K9 unit as part of our fight to keep animals safe and alive.  A specialist trainer is coming in from the Netherlands with 3 of his K9’s to compliment the 2 dogs already in service with ICORP.  Then in October another professional trainer who is based in the United Kingdom will be arriving with his K9.  The essence of this is that ICORP will have 2 K9 detection dogs and 2 K9 track and attack dogs.

On a personal note, I too will be returning to Mozambique as of 1 July 2017.

The operation in Mozambique has received a new tent and varying tools which enable them to carry out their job in a correct and professional manner.  And we at ICORP are ever grateful for the funding which enabled us to achieve this goal.

Each member of ICORP is an asset to the team.  And I am proud of their involvement in this fight to save rhino, elephant, and wildlife.

We are as dedicated as ever in assisting our ranger families and communities.  Many of these men are forced into poaching by gang leaders.  It is in these communities where we go in to assist with health care for mothers and children.  ICORP works behind the scenes establishing social projects and tasks.  We believe that educating our communities is key to stopping the poaching pandemic, and slowly we are ensuring that these communities understand that tourism is the answer versus poaching and endangering their own lives.  For those of you who may not know what we do for the community, we provide birthing kits, clothing, mosquito nets, assist with water reticulation, and building classrooms.  As part of our ethos is being involved in communities, over the Easter Weekend we handed out Easter eggs to the aged in a home too.

Coming July some of the ICORP committee members will be travelling to our Mozambique operation.  This is for them to have a clearer understanding of what is happening on the ground.  Identifying new projects and of course meeting the APU team.  Should you be interested in something like this please contact our office for further details for the 2018 excursion.

I would like to thank you for assisting ICORP no matter in which manner it is.  People across the world need to ensure that we save our natural heritage for the children of the future.  The timeframe to the extinction of many of these great beasts is becoming shorter with every passing minute, we are losing them to greed and corruption and this needs to stop.  This is what we at ICORP are trying and striving to achieve.

I as well as the ICORP team thank you for being there, and we look forward to many years of being together in the fight to save wildlife.

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