By joining ICORP as a volunteer you will be taking a huge and positive step towards curbing the threat of species extinction. We are a charity dedicated to the conservation and protection of wildlife. It would mean a lot to me and my support group to see you join our tribe and see that you have heard our call. We cannot lead the fight against poaching without a strong and supportive base.” Marc McDonald Founder of ICORP

ICORP Brochure 2019

Have a look at our ‘ICORP 2019 Brochure‘ here. 

Volunteer Manual

Have a look at our ‘ICORP Volunteers Manual‘ here. 


our volunteer coordinators below by email:

Mario Buzzanca                 marbuzz@bigpond.com

Ben Raddatz                         desertfox2525@gmail.com

 Marc Mc Donald                foundericorp@gmail.com

“I have completed two tours of duty with ICORP as a volunteer CPU Ranger; one in Mozambique and one in South Africa. My boots-on-the-ground experiences working with the ICORP CPU on operational day and night duties were amazing adventures. I will continue to serve with ICORP as a volunteer. It is imperative to protect Africa’s majestic wildlife, to keep them free to roam the bush, plains, and savannas. ICORP is family.”

Mario Buzzanca Volunteer Coordinator (Australia), two-time ICORP volunteer ranger

Mario Buzzanca

If you feel you are able to spend some time assisting ICORP in the field for between 1 – 3 months then you have already ticked off a box. It’s hard, it’s hot and hands on. Ticks, serpents – Black Mamba and Mozambique spitting cobra, all the scorpions, mosquitoes and a lot of bugs and of course poaching gangs.

We are only taking up to 5 volunteers at a time. Some may overlap, but we like small groups. This is mainly for veterans, Military, Police and K9 handlers and Military medics. With a doctors certificate, health and travel insurance and some determination and common sense are welcome – this is everyone’s fight both ladies and men. We would love to have you share your skills. Our administrator will make sure you have all the relevant information. Are you really into assisting wildlife? Working alongside Rangers on the front lines? These are wild and isolated Reserve in Southern Africa. Do you have what it takes?

Candidates with a passion for wildlife conservation can take an active role in supporting our Counter Poaching Unit for a minimum of 1 month. Our program allows for 1 month, but 2 – 3 months are recommended. Our program allows each volunteer to participate in tasks alongside the CPU team.

 “After going home, all I could think about was going back. This is a place for people who are serious about wildlife conservation and really want to make a difference. My volunteering experience has had such an impact on me that I wish to eventually work on the ground in a full-time position.”

Joe Dalziel Volunteer Coordinator (United Kingdom), two-time ICORP volunteer ranger

Joe Dalziel