Marc McDonald joined the South African National Parks system in 1992. During his tenure with SanParks, he was instrumental in the development and implementation of several unique projects and tourism projects still enjoyed today by thousands today such as day walk trails and the Lebombo 4X4 overland trail. He has personally completed over 600 wilderness trails in the Kruger National Park, escorting many tourists on amazing adventures and sharing his vast knowledge of the African bush.

Eventually, Marc served as the Park Warden’s role, in the Sabie Game Park, Xonghile and Massinger Reserves’ in the Lebombo Conservancy in Mozambique.

Marc’s deep love of the wilderness and commitment to protecting wildlife led him back to Mozambique to lead a Counter-Poaching Unit where he leads from the front in the fight against poachers targeting rhino and other species. Marc moves between Australia and Southern Africa, to ensure that this fight is personal, and he has a dedicated and committed team based around the world as support, South Africa, UK, Australia and the U.S.A. The Counter-Poaching Special Ranger team is made up of highly experienced ex-military and other top agencies veterans. The International Coalition of Rhino Poaching was founded by his knowledge and experience, and this is shared by all who wear the colours with pride. ICORP will continue the fight against wildlife poaching crimes.

Marc and ICORP’s Counter-Poaching Unit is providing security and counter-poaching support in the large and wild area’s of the Mopani region of the Limpopo Province. Soon ICORP will be able to boost an internal training and Tourism component.

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