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Ranger Community Family Support Project

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What happens in the rangers’ home village?

A ranger is on the front lines, yet his family must continue to plant and harvest. Women are often looking after extended family, with babies being born, suffering illness, and the list goes on….
ICORP has personally dealt with injured rangers and on one occasion a ranger hero was lost in combat. Looking after ranger families is therefore a top priority project.  ICORP is assisting the rangers’ families with birthing kits, medical supplies, and mosquito nets. Also providing them with essential equipment to live comfortably and safely in the harsh environment surrounding their communities.

There is always a diverse range of work needed in rural areas; ensuring families and their livestock are protected from wildlife, as well as providing women with a safe and clean place to give birth. Without basic medical supplies child birth is fraught with complications and the community suffers from high maternal/infant mortality rates. Minor injuries can become life threatening if not treated with something as simple as a band aid. ICORP is asking for funding to procure much needed supplies such as clamps for umbilical cord, small surgical scissors, antiseptic wipes, gauze, towels, blankets, new born diapers, cotton menstrual pads, thermometers, band aids, sterile baby bottles and more.We are also supplying families with vegetable seeds to help families move towards self-sufficiency while providing educational opportunities for living sustainably.

Each community kit costs money therefore funding is crucial.

It is so important for rangers and their families to have this support. Rangers are on the front line, putting their lives at risk, protecting wildlife night and day. It is difficult for them to provide for their families. Our community support project will supply essentials to enable the rangers’ essential contribution to wildlife conservation. The communities are vital in keeping the poaching gangs away. These gangs have no hesitation in preying on the locals’ poverty. ICORP is involved with sustainable and environmental education, hereby teaching these communities to expand their economy in many ways, from food gardens, to tourism. Funding is needed for example to implement a water reticulation system using solar energy instead of a fuel guzzling generator.