A Ranger is on the front lines, many km away from his family for long periods of time. These men are working in harsh conditions, night and day 7 days a week, in all weather conditions.

This job is high risk. Already over 100 Rangers have died in Counter Poaching in Africa over the last year alone. These men and women must be committed and dedicated to the job. ICORP has made sure that their Rangers are highly qualified but also trained in various aspects of the position. Hand to hand combat, knife fighting and self-defence, along with firearm training in various calibres and types of firearms.

ICORP has personally dealt with injured rangers and on one occasion a ranger hero was lost in combat. Looking after ranger families is, therefore, a top priority project.  ICORP has a full medical aid for our Rangers to cover them in life-threatening injuries.

Our Ranger units are revered, and much of our funding that we rely on heavily from our supporters is spent to equipping them, and ensuring that they have the best equipment, updated equipment and gear.

It is so important that you sponsor a Ranger for $350 a month. This ensures that he has transport funds, personal uniform and gear funds. These are proud and disciplined men, who have given up a life of luxury and comfort to ensure the survival and protection of our vast wildlife treasure chest. You will in return receive a personal letter of thanks and updates from your Ranger every quarter with some photographs of him and his family.

Please let us know if you are interested in sponsoring our Ranger team members.

These Counter-Poaching teams are in the eye of the storm. Please support ICORP, if you are serious about wildlife protection please see the donate options below.

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Today’s updates from our Reserves

When teams are committed and focused day in and day out staying motivated. ICORP’s Rangers have been flat out. You guys rock. Poaching is intensifying, and our teams are working hard to keep poachers away from our flagship species, who are also using our Reserves as springboards to get to rhino in the KNP.

By supporting ICORP you are directly involved in keeping many species alive, also from being stolen for the illegal reptile, bird and mammal live trade. 

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