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The International Coalition of Rhino Protection (ICORP) Counter Poaching unit works hard and supports all efforts in the daily struggle against the poaching of rhino and elephant and all wildlife in the savannah of Southern Africa.  ICORP, a not for profit protects wildlife as a free service to Reserves in Southern Africa.

ICORP will preserver to ensure protected areas remain free of poaching gangs and crime. Its vision is clear, and all communities will become sustainable, and their economies will change from a poaching short-term one to long-term economies benefiting all, especially women and children.

ICORP believes that collectively we will overcome, forming partnerships’ and coalitions around the world. Together we will be victorious from the wave upon wave of armed and dangerous poaching gangs are killing rhinos, elephant and poisoning lion to smuggle their body parts to Vietnam and China. Elephant deaths from poachers are increasing dramatically and are creeping south into South Africa.

ICORP’s CPU stands in the gap; acting as a stopper and buffer, becoming a deterrent and disruptive force to all poaching events on this landscape. This also includes ridding the area of meat poachers with dogs and machetes.

Our team needs to be well equipped and supported. Its Rangers risk their lives daily and are away from their families for long periods at a time. Their needs are real, and we rely heavily on the good-natured folks out there to donate and fund our operations and become friends of our CPU team. Our operational needs are critical, and we must be one step ahead of our foe. We are registered as a 501©3, not for profit in the U.S.A. and a charity in Australia.

ICORP has a full circle approach. Rangers, Communities and Wildlife.

We have made a lifelong commitment to this cause and are determined to achieve the best outcome for our wildlife.

Thanking you Kindly

Marc Mc Donald

Founder ICORP