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We’re at war…a war to save animals.

These first few months of the new year have been extremely busy, and with fantastic outcomes and achievements for the rhino. The operations in Namibia have developed very well, with various initiatives becoming a reality. [...]


People associate ICORP with Mozambique as that is where we started out and where we to date have made major in-roads into protection of the rhino, elephant, and wildlife in general. Over time we have [...]

ICORP newsletter – August 2016

With much planning ICORP embarked on another anti-poaching mission to Mozambique in August 2016. This was the period that the ICORP APU Mozambique was to be deployed. With the recruitment of some great veterans from [...]

ICORP July 2016 Mozambique

ICORP has implemented the APU Project in Mozambique and now have a fully operational base in the area of Massingir, a poaching hot spot. Our base forms part of the greater Lebombo conservancy along the [...]

ICORP newsletter – July 2016

Hello everyone, it’s been an awesome journey to date. I want to thank all the awesome wildlife warriors who have so kindly donated to our projects so far, we are extremely grateful for your support. [...]

ICORP newsletter – Mission operations

Introduction ICORP – International Coalition of Rhino Protection was conceived on the back of spending several years on the front lines protecting wildlife, particularly Rhino and Elephant in Mozambique. This organization’s main operations focus is [...]

ICORP Newsletter – April 2016

Dear valued Volunteers, Donors and Sponsors, Where do I start? It’s been a hectic few months with the development of ICORP, in every way. We have the Australian business number and the charities and nonprofit [...]