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ICORP newsletter – Mission operations

ICORP newsletter – Mission operations


ICORP – International Coalition of Rhino Protection was conceived on the back of spending several years on the front lines protecting wildlife, particularly Rhino and Elephant in Mozambique. This organization’s main operations focus is to support, equip and train men and women on the front lines.

We have skilled members who have signed up with ICOPR, including ex-police and ex-national parks staff. A well organised management team that will ensure detail in strategic planning, development and implementation of projects. The directors of the organization are skilled professionals in private practice in Australia, while members are dispersed all over the world.

Mission – ICORP

  • Continual protection of wildlife in Central and Southern Africa.
  • Supporting, equipping and training the men and women in anti-poaching teams, and rhino care across Southern Africa. Assisting them to stop and or create circumstances that are no longer viable for poaching gangs to operate through various funding strategies.
  • These actions will be done ethically and with integrity.

Vision -ICORP

ICORP is an organization that understands that the poaching situation is an international dilemma. As the association evolves and expands, ICORPS aspirations are to securely and sustainably through Corporate and public support meet the needs of the projects in the portfolio as follows:

  • Support and training for Rangers.
  • The welfare of Ranger families.
  • Training of K9 dog units for specific functions.
  • Rhino orphan assistance
  • Creating a volunteer network of support.
  • Build a strong and massive membership base
  • Education, where animal products such as ivory and rhino horn are used.
  • Wildlife crime investigative arm.

Development and implementation

The development and implementation of ICORP is ongoing as it evolves in a dynamic and ever changing environment.

  • Each project will be managed according to their client’s specific anti-poaching needs.
  • The emphasis is Rhino and Elephant protection, but all wildlife will be protected with in these areas.
  • The project department will work hand in hand with the client’s needs, so to provide a first class service and support, with exactly what is needed. Starting slowly and methodically is our development mission until we secure structures to ensure only the best support and given to these APU’s.
  • Establishing and maintaining excellent logistical processes to get equipment to where it is needed.
  • Negotiating with foreign Government departments where it is necessary and working closely with recipients’ and unit leaders where ever they may be.


  • ICORP operates in areas where there are armed conflicts with poachers and syndicates that poach rhino and elephant for their horns and tusks.
  • Our funding supports the training of dogs with specialised equipment, Ranger families, rhino orphans, and the training of Rangers.
  • Aiding anti-poaching teams with necessary equipment allowing them to halt poaching activities, and or make it difficult for these poaching gangs to operate.
  • ICORP have systems in place for individual funding to assist them to make contributions to various organizations. In turn these organizations will allocate funding to specific projects as per the website.
  • Directors along with the Founder will deliberate on each project as to where and how funding will be allocated.
  • All donors are provided with a letter with feedback on the specific project, regarding the beneficiary’s and the outcome achieved etc.
  • Presentations and talks will be given to audiences regarding the poaching of wildlife in Southern Africa. Visual material will be presented in the form of video and or slide presentations introducing the AP teams in various areas without compromising anyone’s safety, our rhino orphan’s, and ways to assist our Ranger families.
  • ICORP will implement wildlife art auctions raising funds for the procurement of priority equipment used in the field.
  • Volunteers are able to work with Elephant and Rhino.

ICORP has an external and independent accounting firm that conducts audits on a bi-annual basis. The ICORP bank account and financial affairs are managed by this accounting firm. Each project will be discussed in detail by the directors and senior members. Funding will be allocated swiftly without causing unnecessary hold ups in the process with procurement and or training. This system will be fluid and transparent.

Once a year the founder Marc Mc Donald will travel to all areas covered in the projects to meet with the recipients of ICORP funding. Marc will conduct talks and network to create partnerships with other organizations worldwide as is the normal procedure with similar organizations to raise funds, while overseas.

As per the constitution meetings will be arranged between directors and senior members and minutes will be taken for further reference. The selected directors are citizens of Australia and live permanently in the country.

Business Plan and Budget

A business plan and budget have been compiled which includes:

  • Ongoing training of tracker and detection dog breeds, for specific functions.
  • Equip anti-poaching teams with field and tactical equipment: night vision thermal imaging units, binoculars, 2-way radio systems, GPS
  • Rhino orphan equipment
  • Laptops with GPS programs
  • Training of these teams,
  • Supplying backpacks,
  • Boots, raincoats, all weather jackets,
  • Medical supplies,
  • Water bottles,
  • Body armour
  • Supplying birthing kits, mosquito nets and other welfare to Ranger families.

The estimated projected projects fund needed for the 2016/17 financial starting the 1 July 2016 required is approximately $50 000.

We are in a war, a war to save animals.

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