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ICORP newsletter – July 2016

ICORP newsletter – July 2016

Hello everyone, it’s been an awesome journey to date.

I want to thank all the awesome wildlife warriors who have so kindly donated to our projects so far, we are extremely grateful for your support.

Since the inception of ICORP 2 months ago, I am extremely proud to announce the following update of our projects:

  • To access our funding in our PayPal account, ICORP has completed their registration with the Australian Charities and not-for-profit commission. ICORP has also been registered as a not-for-profit in the State of Florida USA. Application are also in process for the UK, South Africa, and more states of the USA.
  • Our media presentation has been compiled and I am planning several talks in the next couple of weeks before I leave for South Africa. Some minor adjustments have had to take place, but the message is strong and compelling.
  • ICORP was able to donate to our rhino orphanage, and towards the birthing kits. Two trained K9 dogs will be presented to the Timbavati Private Nature Reserve bordering the Kruger National Park, South Africa.
  • Well done to K9 Law Enforcement and Chelsea who has trained these awesome dogs to the level required for detection and tracking. After meeting their handlers the dogs will spend an additional 3 weeks together, building that special bond needed to work towards the successful arrest of rhino and other wildlife poachers. This project is extremely important and we will continue donating trained K9 units to as many anti- poaching teams on the front lines as possible.
  • We thank Tilanie for her hard work on our Ranger family project. Now ICORP needs volunteers, so please make contact via the website.
  • A few weeks ago a call came in requesting assistance from a Reserve in Mozambique, not far from where I worked in 2014. We have been asked to not only assist with stopping poachers killing the resident wildlife, but also to act as a buffer and stopper against poachers going into the Kruger National Park.
  • Our anti-poaching unit Crocuta has been mobilised and we will be deploying in less than 33 days. We have been assisted by some amazing people, with funding and a range of equipment that will help make our teams stronger out there on the front lines.
  • Crocuta Anti-poaching unit has also received the assistance of two skilled and trained ex-military guys from Australia and the USA. This is my pet project, having vets come and assist our teams on the front lines. They will also donate $1000 each towards saving rhino and elephant. We are looking for additional ex vets to assist from September to November, and so on. Matthew Hewlett in Florida USA is our anchor man on this.
  • Black Rhino Productions has given Tafelberg films a mandate to make a documentary on ICORP in August. We are very excited about this, as this will create a worldwide awareness of what we are doing out there. Filming will include the K9 hand over, and the day to day reporting on the base development and deployment of the team in Mozambique, with regards to our patrols and the work our teams will do.
  • ICORP has also recently had the opportunity to have a radio interview and chat with the ABC in Bunbury, South West Australia. I also gave an interview to Wildlense, an American based not-for-profit organization.

Rhino are being slaughtered at a rate that will make them extinct within 6-8 years. With corruption also paying a huge role here and not just the poaching gangs, many animals including elephants are being decimated. We have to break the silence, we have to become more determined and use our voices, loud and clear. The time has come that we join ranks, make alliances and talk as one. Our teams are not salaried, nor do we get any government payments. We are self-funded, a charity for wildlife. Please dig deep, step up with us here at ICORP, and lets walk this journey together.

Thank you,
Marc Mc Donald

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