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ICORP newsletter – August 2016

ICORP newsletter – August 2016

With much planning ICORP embarked on another anti-poaching mission to Mozambique in August 2016. This was the period that the ICORP APU Mozambique was to be deployed.

With the recruitment of some great veterans from Australia and South Africa and the USA, the base was formally opened with a force of 10 personal.

This was made an historic milestone, as I had returned to my old stomping grounds, Massingir, we only a year earlier had some great successes in arresting several key poaching syndicates and taking several firearms and ammunition out of the system.

The ICROP APU has already made huge in roads being responsible for 6 arrests, since the 7 August 16, and keeping the poaching infiltrations very low. This is being made possible by the funding and support we are receiving, yet more is needed, and several large projects are important to implement and develop, in the area. Water must be pumped to the base, a fridge/freezer is needed, and roofing for the kitchen and living quarters of the base.

This time was also an exciting event, and ICORP handed over to the Timbavati Private Nature Reserve two trained K9 units and will continue to seek funding in this regard to assist other APU units all over Southern Africa, to assist them in using these valuable components, K9 units, well trained in the fight against poachers.

Lost but not least, ICORP was able to hand over to the new mothers and mothers to be, a collection of items for new born babies, and new mums. We also went on a fact finding mission into the needs of the school at Vitoria and what the community needed to create food gardens and micro economies’. ICORP realises the huge role that it can play with regards to education, support and skills development with this community that are plagued by poaching kingpins and intimidation.

Please I ask, as the founder of this organization to join us, in creating a safe, healthy and happy community. Thank you to all of you who have been part of the journey so far, and we look forward welcoming more ICORP family on board.

We have some big challenges laying ahead, and this covers the procurement of new submersible water pumps, solar panels, to get water to the base, and to serve the communities water needs, roofing for our kitchen and living quarters, and additional tactical gear and a drone.

Thank you, we appreciate you and we will win this war.
Marc Mc Donald

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