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ICORP Newsletter – April 2016

ICORP Newsletter – April 2016

Dear valued Volunteers, Donors and Sponsors,

Where do I start? It’s been a hectic few months with the development of ICORP, in every way. We have the Australian business number and the charities and nonprofit registration process at our accountant and will be finalizing the formalities in the next week. This will be updated as we receive this status to ensure that ICOPR adheres to the prescribed regulations to maintain a high level of ethics and integrity.

Our Logo has been a real success with some awesome positive feedback. I wanted to thank everyone that’s assisted with this process. Anthony Ferrugia has been quietly working away at our website. He has been so patient with me and assisted me in understanding how this platform works, and I am so grateful. It going to be a huge success once it has been launched.

Our projects have accumulated momentum and we have set these as permanent Projects for the next 12 months to see them through and are as follows:

  • ICORP will be training Belgium Malinois dogs as tracker and identification K9 Units in Malawi, and thereafter were the need arises. Possibly Mali and Ghana, Elephant there are in serious strife.
  • Assisting with funding for the training of Anti-poaching unit Rangers on the front lines through our volunteer experience opportunity in these areas where they will be assisting with key tasks behind the scenes.
  • ICORP will be urging Corporate Companies and private individuals to assist in contributing much needed funding to ensure that the men and women on the front lines are supplied with only the best equipment to put them in a strong position hereby making a difference in this fight to save our flag ship species in Southern Africa
  • While our APU’s are important, so are their families, and ICORP will be involved in assisting our Rangers families with basic needs, such as Mosquito nets, knowledge on hygiene, and most importantly birthing kits for pregnant mothers out in the rural villages’.

ICORP has volunteer opportunities in the organization covering events, talks, presentations, fund raising, and more. Please make contact with Chantelle one of the three directors in Victoria in Australia and or Marc the founder to assist with any question regarding funding or donating.

Our focus is saving all wildlife, Elephant, Rhino, especially, and in only a week in South Africa 17 Rhino have been poached. These syndicates have infiltrated Reserves, Departments of wildlife and have been able to access drugs used by wildlife vets to drug Rhino and chop their horns off, causing horrific injuries to their faces, causing 3 animals to perish from these wounds in the Eastern Cape.

We are facing ivory smuggling routes to South Sudan, where this commodity is exchanged and bartered for firearms, drugs, children smuggling including some serious extremists operating in these regions. We have to cut of the supplies, and already thousands of Elephants have been slaughtered.

We have to make sure that all the teams working out in these remote National Parks and wildlife Reserves are supported in every way we can. No matter what you donate, every dollar, euro or pound, its used to fight, a war where we have to keep animals’ alive.

Join us on this journey please. we cannot wait. time is against us. I thank you all Personally for stepping up. Enough is enough…

Kind regards
Marc Mc Donald

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