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ICORP July 2016 Mozambique

ICORP July 2016 Mozambique

ICORP has implemented the APU Project in Mozambique and now have a fully operational base in the area of Massingir, a poaching hot spot. Our base forms part of the greater Lebombo conservancy along the boundary with the Kruger National Park South Africa, situated on Massingir Safaris Reserve.
Our Ranger and community welfare project was also implemented and several birthing kits were handed to the pregnant and new moms in our community. We also visited the local school, and the water reticulation for the community. Here we have identified the needs and will be publishing these on our website. It involves building a school classroom, and providing a solar panel and submersible pump for the community.

Our APU has had some success since the 7 August 2016, and is under the command of our ex Special Forces specialist. Our ex-military and police vet volunteer programme started off very well. Matthew Hewlett from Florida USA and Shaun O’Shea” from Adelaide Australia joined our APU on the front lines. Unfortunate Matthew had to return after 2 weeks to attend to a family emergency. Shaun is working shoulder to shoulder with our team, and is doing well. We are keen to hear from our ex vet and police fraternity who would like to come for 1 or 2 month tours to help us protect our valuable rhino and elephants , along with other wildlife.

Funding is important for our APU to succeed. ICORP is building support in Norway, Greece, Netherlands’, Australia and South Africa. There are some larger projects that need support, with regards to digital radio and repeater system, and the water provision to the base and community.

Thank you to all ICORP warriors for your support, we are seeing an unrelenting slaughter of rhino and elephant, and not only are we up against well-equipped poachers, and the terrible corruption, with the sale of horn and ivory to keep terrorist organizations in weapons and ammunition! Please join us, as a member and become part of a deeply committed and dedicated group of wildlife activists against poaching.

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