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People associate ICORP with Mozambique as that is where we started out and where we to date have made major in-roads into protection of the rhino, elephant, and wildlife in general.

Over time we have eluded to our expansion, and we are proud to be able to inform the public that we are now going into Namibia to be of assistance there too. This will not effect on our continued work and commitment in Mozambique, rather we see it as enhancing our efforts going forward.

It is vitally important to understand that in this time where the African wildlife is under enormous threat, it be imperative that we pool resources, create partnerships, and more importantly stand together in the fight against the wildlife going extinct. This is a heritage we need to preserve not only for ourselves but for the generations to come.

To date ICORP – The International Coalition of Rhino Protection has been implementing a collective approach namely forming partnerships and calling upon APU teams to come together to assist one another in the war against illegal wildlife trade and the onslaught and increase of poaching that is taking place in Southern Africa.

It was during August 2016 that ICORP implemented the ex veteran programme in Mozambique to assist the APU teams already present, adding more feet on the ground to combat the scourge of poaching that was taking place. The result to date has been phenomenal.

In December 2016, a reserve in Namibia contacted ICORP requesting assistance for their APU team in protecting their large rhino population. This assistance will take on the form of training and equipping the team and bringing in reinforcements in the way of ex veterans from across the globe. These ex veterans will be stationed on the reserve for a period of 1-3 months at a time, no different to the process which takes place when signing up for bush tours to Mozambique.

We feel it is important to remind you that whilst National Parks and Government Managed Reserves are fully funded, private reserves pay for the protection of their wildlife out of their own pocket. ICORP provides a service to protect these animals WITHOUT remuneration.

It is therefore crucial to understand that ICORP is completely dependent on public funding. We do NOT charge for our services on any reserve we are called in to help, as we stand for the Protection of Wildlife.

Funding from the public goes to equipping, supporting, and training the various teams to achieve the desired results namely NO Poaching – putting a stop to the rhino horn being smuggled into Vietnam, China, or any other country.

With that said ICORP celebrates our partnership with PPA (Poaching Prevention Academy), salute the veterans who have volunteered their time, are thankful for our partners in Mozambique and Namibia, and we are proud of our amazing ICORP team. Together we are setting new boundaries in this war as we stand united. Yet there is still much to be done.

Should you be interested in getting involved outside of your monetary donations, there are several volunteer programs we are involved in and expanding on.

Assisting with rhino welfare and husbandry

The rhino adoption scheme

The elephant volunteer programme

Community development & social responsibility projects in Mozambique such as:

  • Water reticulation
  • Food gardens
  • Classrooms

We ask you to stand and walk this journey with us. Your valued support is crucial and we would not be able to do this without you and for that we are ever grateful.

It needs to be remembered that we are at war, a war to keep animals alive.

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