This morning we move to our final field Icorp, we finished the service in this farm is an excellent way obstructing the work of poachers with excellent results the team has been very committed, now today we will be in the FOB in the centre of a very wide area and we will bring forward operations from there. I invite everyone to support our operations even with a small donation of 5 euros on our website, which here are an important contribution that allows us to carry on operations, a hug and a thank you to all of you.

Questa mattina ci trasferiamo nel nostro campo definitivo Icorp, abbiamo concluso il servizio in questa farm in maniera eccellente ostacolando l’operato dei bracconieri con ottimi risultati il team si è impegnato molto, adesso oggi ci instaureremo nella FOB al centro di una zona molto vasta e porteremo avanti le operazioni da li. Invito tutti a sostenere le nostre operazioni anche con una piccola donazione di 5 euro su nostro sito, che qui sono un importante contributo che ci permette di portare avanti le operazioni, un abbraccio e un grazie a tutti voi.

First National Bank (FNB)
Account No: 6279 932 7070
Branch No: 25 06 55

ANZ Centre Melbourne
BSB No: 016580
Account No: 222696007
Swift Code No: ANZBAU3M

EIN number 82 1618781 U.S.A. 501©3
ABN 86 869 838 535 Australia, not for profit/charity
SA NPO No: N221-788 Reg:19/043089/08



ICORP founder Marc McDonald with the latest on the Mapai project.



For more information on the Mapai project development critical path and a guide for the Mapai project, documenting the required results desired by the end of 2023, please click below. Please also go to our Facebook page to see all the pictures that we are posting daily.




By joining ICORP as a volunteer, you will be taking a huge and positive step. As a charity, we are dedicated to the conservation and protection of wildlife. It would mean a lot to me and my support group to see you join our tribe and see that you have heard our call. We cannot lead the fight against poaching without a strong and supportive base.

We have men and women on the front lines who have left their families and risk their lives every day while protecting the iconic animals of Africa. By joining us as a volunteer, you will make a direct impact on saving rhinos, elephants and the big cats of Southern Africa.
Thank you

ICORP  K9 Units


We at ICORP will have our own K9 units. This means we need to build kennels and everything any unit needs to make sure our K9’s have just the best. The most important is training. Our partners Aequitas Veritas are doing the training and this is at a high standard. Karma our young Malinois is on the training journey. Please contact Inel Burger to find out more about this awesome initiative and how you and your company can donate. Have a look here at the train a dog save a rhino walk  all welcome.

Beautiful Karma, growing up


We started Karma of with sausages on the ground and putting objects down for her to follow. At this stage, she is following/tracking sent without the aid of treats. It’s only a couple of meters at this stage but we are increasing the distance with every class.

Protecting wildlife in Southern Africa

We have to become seriously involved with saving wildlife in Southern Africa. ICORP have Rangers on the ground in Reserves saving wildlife.

We need food and fuels to ensure our operations are maintained. Please folks, its the Christmas season. Let’s make it a special season for our Rangers and wildlife. These funds will be used to buy a fridge and freezer. Please walk this journey with us. We are a registered not for profit in South Africa, Australia and U.S. All funders will have their names pasted to the fridge.