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Counter-Poaching Volunteer Programme

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ICORP offers candidates who have either a military or law enforcement background the opportunity to support our Anti-Poaching Unit for periods of one month or more. We have put together a specific programme which will allow each volunteer to participate in tasks alongside the APU team, share life at the APU camp and experience the wonderful wilderness surrounding it.


​Below are some of the tasks a volunteer with ICORP might get involved with:
Fence/Perimeter Patrols (motorised or ​on foot)
Reconnaissance Patrols
Snare Patrols
Observation Posts
​Essential Camp maintenance​

Important note:
As a volunteer, you will not be armed with a firearm (only “less than lethal” weapons are allowed).

Ideally we are looking for volunteers who will be able to come and experience ICORP’s life in the bush for an extended period of 3 months however we understand that this may not always be possible. The minimum stay is one month.

There is a 2 weeks probation period within which both parties can cancel their agreement without claims.

Living quarters

You will live with the APU in a field camp in the bush under austere conditions (sleeping in a tent, using field latrines, field kitchen, etc…).

The fee for 3 months APU / Volunteering is US$ 1350
The fee for 1 month is $500, for 2 months $950.
Should you be able to dedicate longer than 3 months, further costs will be a minimum of $400 per month.

The fee includes:
Transfer costs from and back to Phalaborwa (fuel, park entrance fees into the Kruger and Limpopo parks)
all meals with the APU
Special meals (braai) at the camp

Not included:
your flights to and from Phalaborwa from your home
US$ 100 entrance visa fees into Mozambique (free for South African nationals)
Phone / WIFI communications – mobile phone coverage in the reserve is limited to MOVITEL and there is no roaming possibility. For 50.- Metical (approximately US$ 1.-) you can purchase a starter kit (Sim Card). Data is very cheap in Mozambique (for 100.- Metical you get 1330 MB Data).
If you would like to join us, please fill in your details below and email this together with a brief summary of your experience so far and we will send you further information.

Applicant Information

(Your details will be stored in our database - Please update your details if these have changed from the previous year.)