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Conservation Research and Community Development Awareness Programme

Conservation Research and Community Development Awareness Programme 2018-02-13T17:07:18+00:00

ICORP’s camp is within the Greater Lebombo Conservancy near Massingir in Mozambique. The Greater Lebombo Conservancy contains its own natural self-contained and unique ecosystem. It is critically important geographically to the white and black rhino and to global conservation efforts. It is a buffer zone between South Africa’s Kruger national park and Mozambique where poaching is very active.

Our programme has been designed by people who have had extensive experience of being volunteers themselves. Our aim is to build better relationships with local indigenous people and help them protect their natural heritage through conservation support and education.

As a volunteer with ICORP you will be promoting the value of ecotourism. Unlike standard tourism, eco-tourism takes place specifically in areas of both wildlife and natural environment conservation. Eco-tourism aims to improve the wellbeing of the communities in or nearby these areas. As an eco-volunteer you will therefore see the direct impact of your personal contribution and efforts. Being a volunteer is not the same as being an average tourist. You will not be staying in five-star accommodation, but you will be comfortable. You might be working amongst roaming wildlife and with different nationalities. This will be challenging but also rewarding.

Please note that English is not commonly spoken in Mozambique, the languages are Shangann and Portuguese.

As a volunteer joining our ‘Conservation research and Community development awareness program’, you will be involved in various daily activities under the supervision of a volunteer leader.

Some of the activities might include:

  • Sustainable building development: Building fences,
  • Sustainable agriculture: Permaculture, programs for growing sustainable vegetable gardens
  • Education / training – Supporting local teachers and children
  • Craft Making
  • Restoration / Conservation – Restoring the local flora and fauna. Exploring the biodiversity of Mozambique landscape through conservation, research, plant analysis, recording of species 
4 WEEKS $1,500.00
8 WEEKS $3,000.00
12 WEEKS (MAXIMUM STAY) $4,500.00

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