International Coalition of Rhino Protection

ICORP is a registered charity organization. ICORP was founded, to stand in the gap for the conservation and protection of wildlife in Southern Africa, particularly rhino, elephant and big cats. Ensuring that the men and women on the front lines risking their lives daily, receive the highest form of support through equipment and gear. Engaging with their families, approaching them in a dignified and meaningful manner. Identifying their needs through continuous and open discussions with their respective community elders.

We are a committed group of people, with members who have been and still are on the front lines, have been in law enforcement, done patrols, laid in ambushes, arrested and convicted poaching syndicates, involved with complex and dangerous investigations and still involved in collecting intel. Our members are highly skilled in dealing with wildlife crimes and anti-poaching crimes, while others are involved with the training of our APU on the front line, public relations, education and wildlife research.

All are professionals in their own right making a strong and dedicated ICORP team of members, all volunteers, committed to save the wildlife under threat in Southern Africa and looking after our Ranger families and their communities, while giving ex-military and police officers the opportunity to come and assist on the front lines to help protect these iconic species.


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ICORP – Founded

By South African national Marc McDonald, a veteran of the South African National Parks system and the old South African Defence force.  Marc established an ICORP Counter-Poaching Unit in the Massinger District in Mozambique in 2014. He managed Sabie Game Park Mozambique in 2008 where he realised that more needed to be done to save these iconic flagship species, Elephant, Rhino and all other wildlife and the Flora.

ICORP made huge inroads into the poaching syndicates in the Gaza Province of Mozambique, with arrests, exposing corruption and removing many firearms out of the system. They were threatened with death and more. Criminal poaching syndicates are targeting wildlife in South Africa and using these areas within Mozambique as a springboard into the Kruger National Park, and other sensitive areas that carry rhino, and elephant. Over 70 elephants have already been poached in 2018 in the Kruger National Park.

In 2018, the management of ICORP elected to relocate to South Africa to continue the fight against wildlife crime.  Our unit has settled on two large Reserve’s, In the Mopani Region in the Limpopo province. These Reserves cover large wild areas and are expanding to encompass a total protected area of 74131 acres. They will be re-establishing some flagship species and the sensitivity around this, and for this reason, we will not give the location. ICORP provides a Counter-Poaching Units mandated to secure and protect the wildlife on these Reserve.

ICORP does not charge the Reserves for their Counter Poaching Services and could never do this on the back of these magnificent animals being slaughtered and rely only on the funding and donations made by the discerning wildlife public of the world – you.

Hard work is paying off. ICORP is steadily growing and has met all standards set and achieved the Silver Seal with regards to our Administration and Finacial management. So proud of my Board and CEO. Our supporters and friends – thank you and please continue to walk this journey with ICORP. A not for Profit Counter-Poaching organization takes guts and determination.

ICORP has built partnerships all over the globe and believes that through building these coalitions and getting more and more folks on board, will assist in creating top protection of Southern African wildlife.

ICORP is a registered 501(c)(3) in the United States and donations are tax deductible.  Check out ICORP’s profile on Guidestar, the world’s largest database on non-profit organizations.  ICORP recently was awarded GuideStar’s Silver Level of Transparency in 2018. This organization is also registered as Not for Profits in Australia and South Africa.