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Marc McDonald interview

Our founder was recently interviewed by Lisa G on 107.3 HFM Listen to the interview below.

Latest Press Release

At ICORP we are in the process of securing a 15000-hectare sanctuary in Mozambique to ensure that all wildlife is safe and able to flourish. As an NFP organization, we rely heavily on donations to ensure that our brave Rangers are able to continue with their operations to stop all illegal wildlife activities.
That’s why I am putting my hand up to do a #waxforwildlife (waxing my body – most painful thing in my eyes) and trying to fundraise $1000 (or more) for ICORP. This year I’ll be working with ICORP in South Africa. So please jump aboard and help us to acquire more land and help save Africa’s wildlife by kindly donating


Working around the clock to ambush, capture and arrest 5 poachers

ICORP has professional successful teams on the ground. Their hard work and training coming through.

Today I salute a team leader and his team. Working around the clock to ambush, capture and arrest 5 poachers.

Police case opened, and further investigations ongoing. Your patience and tenacity paid off. A wildlife victory folks this is why you support ICORP’s Counter Poaching Rangers arrests made Friday 17 May, all through to Sat morning 18 May. Full moon.

Please continue your support, so we are able to keep our operations going.

Bush talks with Marc

ICORP founder Marc McDonald will give regular ‘Bush talks with Marc’ on topics that ICORP are concerned/working with. Please go to YouTube for regular video updates.

Please help us in our work by donating and helping us support our brilliant Rangers.

Message from our founder Marc McDonald

We are a real passionate organization of committed people from around the world dedicated to ensuring that the flora and fauna of Southern Africa are preserved and protected for future generations to enjoy.  We have two goals: 1 To safeguard wildlife under our protection at assigned sanctuaries and, 2 To raise awareness, and to educate the public about the challenges facing Africa’s natural heritage.


The International Coalition of Rhino Protection (ICORP) operates a well-trained and equipped Counter-Poaching Unit at a designated wildlife sanctuary in South Africa.  Through innovative wildlife protection strategies, industry best practices and strategic planning with sanctuary management, ICORP seeks to protect and ensure the survival of the sanctuary’s critical wildlife population.  Directly supporting its wildlife protection mission, ICORP seeks to raise the public’s awareness of the challenges facing Africa’s wildlife through innovative, effective and relevant public engagement outreach programs and initiatives.


ICORP intends to stand between Africa’s wildlife and those who seek to do them harm.  We will be the storyteller for the wildlife who have no voice by raising awareness of the challenges faced by the beautiful natural resources of Africa.

Congratulations to a great team for saving animals day and night. ICORP Ranger Team rocks.


Come visit ICORP at the Music and Events festival Wyndham Vale, bring family and friends together to help support African wildlife. ... See MoreSee Less

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ICORP supporter spreading the word at Mt Everest Base Camp..
Awesome Achievement Rene..Thanks for your support..
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By joining our Wildlife and Reserve volunteer program, you will be taking a huge and positive step towards curbing the threat of species extinction. We are a charity dedicated to the conservation and protection of wildlife. It would mean a lot to me and my support group to see you join our tribe and see that you have heard our call. We cannot lead the fight against poaching without a strong and supportive base.” Marc McDonald Founder of ICORP.
Please contact Greg Gordon
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Thank you to all our friends and supporters. We are proud of this achievement and ask that you grow with us, as we set about saving wildlife. Our teams are dedicated and committed. ... See MoreSee Less

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