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Coronavirus is causing huge shutdowns and other hardships worldwide

To all our ICORP family globally. So the coronavirus is causing huge shutdowns and other hardships worldwide.This includes the countries we are operating in. The South African Government has ordered a full lockdown. ICORP is an essential services organization and can not walk away from its primary responsibility, Wildlife protection and Community development. Can you imagine if we did? We will not compromise the vulnerable and so our units are in the field day and night. These dedicated and committed Rangers are far from their loved ones and I ask that you spare a thought and a prayer for these brave men. Poaching has increased with the lockdowns, the Reserves gates are closed, and lodges closed. Poaching gangs are trying to operate with impunity and this, ICORP will never tolerate!! Snare lines have increased, and we are there to combat the wave after wave.. the onslaught is very real. Our Rangers are all in good health and have been tested. Karma our K9 Ranger is working hard tracking humans. This is a message to all of you.. please consider a donation of your choice to ensure our operations remain sustainable and effective during this pandemic.Go to our ICORP FB page and see the team that you will be assisting.. like it and get involved.

The are more photos which can be viewed on our Facebook page

Please continue your support, so we are able to keep our operations going.

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Bush talks with Marc

ICORP founder Marc McDonald will give regular ‘Bush talks with Marc’ on topics that ICORP are concerned/working with. Please go to YouTube for regular video updates.

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The reality on the ground folks

This is happening daily on many Reserves in Southern Africa.

When will these populations collapse? ICORP is operating on a cluster of Reserves its shocking , the disrespect of wildlife, and the enormous illegal trade in wildlife parts amd meat in that region. An economic disaster if this is left unchecked will result in unemployment and collapse of a Tourism industry. Our veteran units arriving in March and April 2020. Please assist ICORP and any donation will do.

The photos are grapghic and can be viewed on our Facebook page

Please continue your support, so we are able to keep our operations going.

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Message from our founder Marc McDonald

We are a real passionate organization of committed people from around the world dedicated to ensuring that the flora and fauna of Southern Africa are preserved and protected for future generations to enjoy.  We have two goals: 1 To safeguard wildlife under our protection at assigned sanctuaries and, 2 To raise awareness, and to educate the public about the challenges facing Africa’s natural heritage.


The International Coalition of Rhino Protection (ICORP) operates a well-trained and equipped Counter-Poaching Unit at a designated wildlife sanctuary in South Africa.  Through innovative wildlife protection strategies, industry best practices and strategic planning with sanctuary management, ICORP seeks to protect and ensure the survival of the sanctuary’s critical wildlife population.  Directly supporting its wildlife protection mission, ICORP seeks to raise the public’s awareness of the challenges facing Africa’s wildlife through innovative, effective and relevant public engagement outreach programs and initiatives.


ICORP intends to stand between Africa’s wildlife and those who seek to do them harm.  We will be the storyteller for the wildlife who have no voice by raising awareness of the challenges faced by the beautiful natural resources of Africa.

Congratulations to a great team for saving animals day and night. ICORP Ranger Team rocks.


Latest Press Release

ICORP has been busy and while we wait for certain processes to be completed, I can announce that the Sanctuary for Wildlife and Flora restoration and protection has become a reality in the Banhine National Park area. Our Communities have been identified, where much skills and development will be initiated, To all our ICORP friends and family, the next step is so important regarding the building block and foundation of this project, and that is to keep wildlife from wondering off the demarcated area – through water provision.

Two boreholes must be placed in the Sanctuary and to be fully equipped. We need to raise the necessary funds to provide this natural recourse and so I invite you to invest in water for wildlife. It is the height of the rainy season, yet no pans hold water, the grass is turning to powder and wildlife are dying at this moment. I have seen many droughts in my career as a conservationist, but this is shocking.

Please help ICORP raise $10 000 per borehole, and this includes equipping with a submersible pump, solar panels, electrical box, and pipes. We will be releasing a media statement on the project soon. Conservation and Community engagement are our core functions with additional components of Tourism and Training.

Thank you, Ben Raddatz and Filipe Tovela for your assistance and hard work over the last 2 weeks. #noramhersnoanimals

Marc McDonald

Marc McDonald interview

Our founder was recently interviewed by Lisa G on 107.3 HFM Listen to the interview below.

Securing a 15000-hectare sanctuary

At ICORP we are in the process of securing a 15000-hectare sanctuary in Mozambique to ensure that all wildlife is safe and able to flourish. As an NFP organization, we rely heavily on donations to ensure that our brave Rangers are able to continue with their operations to stop all illegal wildlife activities.
That’s why I am putting my hand up to do a #waxforwildlife (waxing my body – most painful thing in my eyes) and trying to fundraise $1000 (or more) for ICORP. This year I’ll be working with ICORP in South Africa. So please jump aboard and help us to acquire more land and help save Africa’s wildlife by kindly donating