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International Coalition of Rhino Protection (ICORP)

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We are a real passionate organization of committed people from around the world dedicated to ensuring that the flora and fauna of Southern Africa are preserved and protected for future generations to enjoy.  We have two goals: 1 To safeguard wildlife under our protection at assigned sanctuaries and, 2 To raise awareness, and to educate the public about the challenges facing Africa’s natural heritage.


The International Coalition of Rhino Protection (ICORP) operates a well-trained and equipped Counter-Poaching Unit at a designated wildlife sanctuary in South Africa.  Through innovative wildlife protection strategies, industry best practices and strategic planning with sanctuary management, ICORP seeks to protect and ensure the survival of the sanctuary’s critical wildlife population.  Directly supporting its wildlife protection mission, ICORP seeks to raise the public’s awareness of the challenges facing Africa’s wildlife through innovative, effective and relevant public engagement outreach programs and initiatives.


ICORP intends to stand between Africa’s wildlife and those who seek to do them harm.  We will be the storyteller for the wildlife who have no voice by raising awareness of the challenges faced by the beautiful natural resources of Africa.

Congratulations to a great team..saving animals day and night. ICORP Ranger Team rocks.

ICORP Art auction is on now, please go have a look, share and bid. 

I have long been burdened by the plight of the Rhino, and have had it in mind to write a song about it for years.

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Come with us folks, on a real journey of skills development of women and children in our communities.. please donate www.icorprotection.org
It all has a direct and very positive outcome for poaching.ICORP team members and Dana Burns from out partner MaaViva in the Ringani community in Mozambique planting 20 fruit trees and assorted vegetable seeds. The young man is holding a plastic bottle filled with plastic to build walls. Community engagement is critical.
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