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International Coalition of Rhino Protection (ICORP)

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The International Coalition of Rhino Protection (ICORP) is a not-for-profit anti-poaching organization. It was founded to counter-act the pressures that wildlife is under across southern Africa as a result of increased poaching and criminal activities.

We are currently losing around 3 rhinos every 24 hours in Southern Africa, due to poaching. The value of rhino horn is around US$ 70 000 per kg on the Asian black market. The importance of Anti-Poaching Units (APUs) protecting wildlife and of community engagement to promote eco-tourism is of vital importance in the fight against wildlife crime.

We currently operate in one of the poaching hotspots in the Greater Kruger National Park complex, the Balule Private Game Reserve, and are having great success in lowering wildlife crime. ICORP is actively training and deploying wildlife rangers as well as arresting poachers. We are also working to promote the importance of wildlife protection among the local communities. We engage as much as we can with them and the ranger families. We get them involved in conservation by supporting their needs in a respectful and dignified manner. With your support, we can continue to protect Southern Africa’s wonderful wildlife.

The International Coalition of Rhino Protection (ICORP​) is working in partnership with ‘Transfrontier Africa’, other conservation organizations and local communities on the Greater Balule Reserve in South Africa. Our common goal is to disrupt and deter all poaching activities on that reserve and by default, its surrounding area. ICORP participates in this coalition through the provision of an experienced and well equipped Counter-Poaching Unit. Thanks also to its community engagement initiatives, ICORP intends to be a responsible organization which seeks to improve the lives of local communities and provide them with access to skills development and conservation initiatives.

All together our aim is to help raise awareness of the plight facing Africa’s flora and fauna.

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Our call and our fight is against the mafia-style wildlife poaching syndicates that are harvesting and slaughtering our endangered wildlife at an alarming rate. Our focus is on rhino protection but we cast a wide net. In Mozambique, tourism is nowhere as high as in neighbouring countries so the struggle there is to try to promote the idea of wildlife preservation among a local community who is trying its best to survive. We engage with land owners and villagers alike. We take no sides but the side of wildlife. Poachers do not care where the horn comes from…whether from a French zoo, a rhino orphanage, a rhino farm, a wildlife reserve…. They do not care for politics…whether the mood is for or against the trade in rhino horns…at the end of the day all they want to do is kill rhinos wherever they can lay their hands on them. Rhinos are dying in their thousands, and change is needed.

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