ICORP and Edu-Eco-Wizard have joined hands in the fight against the slaughter of our natural heritage, and so are able to offer the most amazing wildlife programs to dedicated and interested people all over the world to come and explore and learn, hands on, the world of the Elephant, and a variety of wildlife in Southern Africa.

Together we are offering you the following programs, to better understand the impact of what poaching is having on these pacerdermes and to better understand these animal’s and the role you could play to protect them.

  • 4 WEEK – African Elephant Management, Husbandry And Behavioural Awareness Eco-Volunteer Learning Program
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  • 4 WEEK – African Wildlife Awareness Eco-Learning Volunteer Program
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  • 2-4 WEEK – “Dwindling Giant”: This program gives a broad focus on a Quassi captive environment and roaming environments which is situated at The elephant sanctuary the crags, there is camping as an option at Addo nature reserve park, volunteers will work in a group as well as individually on homework scheduled a few days a week, which covers the anatomy and physiology and social behaviour of rescued African elephants. Volunteers will also have close contact with the elephants, feeding touching and walking which are part of there daily tours.
  • 2-4 WEEK – “Iconic wildlife rehabilitation and conservation program”: This program will be focusing on African predators, African cat and elephants with a study of anatomy, physiology ecology, social order and behaviour in rehabilitation practices with Veterinary care included. There is also marine conservation included so this program has a broader range of study and exposer to learning. Areas included are Mossel Bay The elephant sanctuary and Tenikwa wildlife sanctuary. Which are all located in a close proximately of one another.

Our commitment and philosophy is to give you an experience of a lifetime all the while assisting us in our conservation efforts. Whether it is working with Elephant management initiatives, in the day-to-day operation of a Game Ranch, being involved in an Outcome based Research program or being part of an Outcome-based Learning program, we have the program where you can get down and dirty in our adventurous, experiential, fun-filled and fulfilling African experience. Integrated into your Volunteer experience are a variety of Conservation awareness adventure activities which are incorporated into your program content. The only limitation is on your time and budget.

The core venues for the presentation of our Volunteer programs vary from program to program along the Garden Route. Venues include the Elephant Sanctuary in the Crags with a focus on the African Elephant; the Plettenberg Bay Game Reserve just outside Plettenberg Bay with a focus on Wildlife Management, Field Guiding and Game Ranch Management; De Vasseloot Camp Terrain in Natures Valley for Conservation related Research initiatives; Addo Elephant National Park near Port Elizabeth where the focus is on wild roaming Elephants, Wildlife of all sorts and A Fully Self-contained and Functional National Park; and Buffalo Hills Nature Reserve where formal and informal experiential outcome-based wildlife and bush awareness programs are conducted. Other venues within the region will be added from time-to-time as the program base expands.

The only criteria for acceptance onto any one of our programs is that you are at least 18 years old. Whether you are a student on a gap year, or want a break from your office, are retired, or you just want to get away from it all for a while, join us and experience a unique experiential lifetime opportunity of Wildlife volunteering and Conservation based adventure.

Each program is outcome based where all facets of each program are carefully planned, monitored, managed and qualified. All participants take away invaluable knowledge and experience which can be easily quantified.

Programs vary in duration from program to program. We suggest a minimum of 2-weeks to gain maximum benefit from the program and the outcomes expected and desired of the program and your experience. Programs are not limited and may extend to 60 or even 90 days. We offer shorter 5 – 7 day programs with the Elephants which can be incorporated into an existing program as an extension activity to an existing volunteer program. Once again the only limitation is your time and budget.

Each of our programs is designed to give you a fascinating insight into Africa’s Wildlife, Wildlife Management, Wildlife Ranching, Conservation Awareness Learning and Conservation based Afro-Tourism Adventures. You must be fully prepared to get down and dirty to get the ultimate hands on experience under the expert guidance of your program leader and the experts at each of our representative facilities. This includes enclosure maintenance, project developments and sound husbandry management principles being applied to the benefit of each of the animal groupings or conservation research initiatives in question.

Our principle aim is for you, the Wildlife, Marine and Conservation Aware Volunteer, to leave us enriched by your African Wildlife, Marine and Conservation Volunteer experience, where you become an ambassador for Africa’s Wildlife, Marine and Conservation initiatives. You will have a far better insight and understanding of the dilemma facing Africa’s Wildlife and Marine Environments and on the other side of the scale the success stories and your contribution to conservation in the face of adversity.


No previous experience is required. You need to be in good health, reasonably fit, have an ability to endure long hours when involved in specific projects and be at least 18 years old and no older than 65 years old. It is necessary for you to be able to speak and understand English so as to converse with your peer volunteers and all the staff assisting with or managing the programs. You must be totally prepared to get down and dirty.

An extreme passion for Wildlife, Marine and Conservation related experiential adventure with educational learning objectives is an absolute must. It is essential to know that the programs require dedication, motivation, determination and passion. Hard work is a guarantee. The reward for your hard work and commitment is also a guarantee. Each program will leave you satisfied with your contributions and fulfilled in the knowledge that your contribution is rewarded.

  • BE prepared for the good and the bad
  • BE prepared to be hands-on
  • BE prepared to get immersed
  • BE prepared for presentations
  • BE prepared to learn
  • BE prepared to invest
  • BE prepared to unleash
  • BE prepared for the unexpected

Please make contact with Chantelle Zarafa, the project leader invloved with these programes, and she will send you your application form , explain the process of payment, what you need to pack, and all you need to know. Dates are being filled quickly so no time to waste. Get booked and into a programme.

Chantelle Zarafa: Mobile +61 498 396 778
E-mail: chantelle_icorpdirector@outlook.com.au