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We’re At War, A War To Save Animals…


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All Donations are in AUD $. We are a registered non-profit organisation. ABN 868 6983 8535. You will receive a receipt for your donation. In countries having tax incentives, this receipt will allow for tax deductions.

The ICORP team would like to thank you for having a look at what we are about. We would like to thank you for considering to DONATE, we would like to inform you what exactly your donation is supporting. Project Mozambique is where our base camp is located.  Your Donation will go towards the running costs of our base camp, and its rangers. This will include items such as:


  • Ranger meals
  • Ranger Salaries
  • Specialised Tactical Equipment
  • Medical equipment
  • Weapons and ammunition
  • Ranger Uniforms, boots, Jackets in winter
  • Backpacks
  • Bulleproof webbing

We currently have a bloodhound k9 helping the team to stay ahead of the poachers. Part of our $10 000 goal is to get a fully trained attack and scent k9, this alone costs  $3000. We would like to grow our local ranger team, by training selected local community members, installing running water to our base camp for our rangers. Helping the ranger families, with birthing kits, crop seeds, infrasructure, and running water. 

With your Donation, we are able to provide protection to key wildlife species, especially the Rhino that is being slaughtered at an alarming rate. Around 3 a day are killed in Southern Africa, just for their horn. Rhino horn has a value of around $70 000 a KG, on the Asian black markets.


The above picture depicts the very successful arrest of a rhino poacher. Our men are the warriors and guardians of wildlife in the area that we operate in.