International Coalition of Rhino Protection is a wildlife charity organization registered in Australia. ICORP was founded to stand in the gap for the conservation and protection of wildlife in Southern Africa, particularly rhinos, elephants and big cats.  It does this through direct action and via the supply and support of Anti-Poaching Units (APUs) locally. Ensuring that the men and women on the front lines risking their lives daily, receive the highest form of support through equipment and gear. Engaging with their families, approaching them in a dignified and meaningful manner. Identifying their needs through continuous and open discussions with their respective community elders.

At ICORP, we are a committed group of people who want to make a difference. We have members who have been and still are on the front lines; have been in law enforcement, done patrols, laid in ambushes, arrested and convicted poaching syndicates or have been involved in complex and dangerous investigations to collect intelligence. These members are highly skilled in dealing with wildlife crimes and illegal hunting practices. Others get involved through wildlife art, public relations, fundraising projects, education, volunteering, wildlife research or accounting. All are professionals in their own right, and all are volunteers committed to saving the wildlife under threat in Southern Africa while also looking after our ranger families and their communities. ICORP also offers an opportunity for ex-military and police personnel to come and assist on the front lines and help protect these iconic species.


ICORP EXPANSION – January 26, 2017

  People associate ICORP with Mozambique as that is where we started out and where we to date have made major in-roads into protection of the rhino, elephant, and wildlife in general. Over time we have eluded to our expansion, and we are proud to be able to...

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ICORP news letter – August 2016

  With much planning ICORP embarked on another anti-poaching mission to Mozambique in August 2016. This was the period that the ICORP APU Mozambique was to be deployed. With the recruitment of some great veterans from Australia and South Africa and the USA, the...

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ICORP July 2016 Mozambique

ICORP has implemented the APU Project in Mozambique and now have a fully operational base in the area of Massingir, a poaching hot spot. Our base forms part of the greater Lebombo conservancy along the boundary with the Kruger National Park South Africa, situated on...

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