The International Coalition Of Rhino Protection is a not for profit anti-poaching organisation. It was founded by the need to protect endangered wildlife species in Mozambique. We currently loose around 3 RHINO’S every 24 hours in Southern Africa, due to poaching. The value of Rhino Horn is around US$70 000 KG on the Asian black market. The importance of Anti Poaching Units protecting wildlife and community engagment is of a urgent need to help fight this critical crisis that Southern Africa is facing. We currently operate in oneof the high poaching hotspots, and are having great sucess in lowereing poaching. ICORP is activley training, deploying and arresting poachers and are working to promote the importance of wildlife protection. We engage as much as we can with the surrounding communties and ranger families, where we get them involved in the importance of animal protection and conservation by supporting thier needs in a respectful and dignified manner. With your support we can continue to protect Southern Africa’s Wildlife. JOIN THE TRIBE, TO STOP THE SLAUGHTER.

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We operate in one of the hottest poaching areas in Southern Africa, and our call and fight is against the illegal mafia run wildlife syndicates that are harvesting and slaughtering endangered wildlife at an alarming rate. We protect Rhino and other endangered wildlife. In Mozambique tourism is nowhere as high as the neighbouring countries and the struggle is to try to bring wildlife preservation, to people who are trying their best to survive and look after their own needs. This is from land owners down to poor villages. We are NEUTRAL,  and are about the fight. Poachers do not care, where you from, if you are vegan, or if you are for or against rhino trade. Rhino are dying, and change is needing to happen. The only way is to join hands.